Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zen and the Fear of Hell

My soul really wants to study, and hopefully absorb and FOLLOW, the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism (Mahayana, esp. Zen).
However, the raised-Lutheran part of me has a real obstacle with this because I have such a deep-seated fear that I am gonna go to hell for forsaking the Christian God, even though I already despise the term Christian and disagree strongly with what passes as "Christian" behavior.
How on earth do I resolve this fear and contradiction?

I want my soul, on the planet, everywhere. Christianity cannot give me that.
I don't know yet whether Hinduism or Buddhism can...but I am determined to explore and find out.

My trip to India plans are developing and I know for certain that I will spend at least one month in Varanasi explorigin Hinduism, and hopefully an equal amount of time in Dharamsala learning about Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism.
After I return to the US I am hoping to move to a Buddhist center in California and spend a long time serving others while nourishing my spirit.

Whatever your spiritual path is, please pray for me.