Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Resuming my Practice...

Today is an Auspicious Day. It is the 75th birthday of HH Dalai Lama. Long Life, Your Holiness!

After my last post, I had a pretty much total breakdown. I fell away from my practice mantras, no prostrations, only occasional water bowl offerings, no daily reminders to myself of the Four Noble Truths or Precepts or Eightfold Path.
I was also unable to get online to listen to my "daily Buddhist playlist" which had previously had a very calming effect on me.

In part this "breakdown"was due to living with a non-Buddhist roommate...but more so because she worked a different schedule than me and I allowed my insecurities about practising publically to stop me.
It also was related to a lot of stress from the workplace...When I was only dealing with a few negative people, I could talk myself into coping. But as more and more people came into my daily life and more of them became increasingly directly negative towards me, I lost it.
Being directly attacked triggers a terrible fight or fllight mechanism in me.
I cry when people fling harsh untrue words about me in my face.
I freak out when co-workers who break rules & lie & do very little at work get away with their antics and a good employee like myself is ostracized.
Not to mention all the daily negative energy of conservative hypo-Christians talking about the glory of killing innocent (insert any non-Christian religion here) in the name of "god"... Of being surrounded by people who glorify hunting for sport...and many other issues.
One on one, in small doses, I could actually look them in the eye and mentally say Om Mani Padme Hum...
But as their numbers increased and they banded together and I was dealing with several of them day in and day out, something in me broke.

I left South Dakota on 30 June, suddenly, without much planning. It had all ust become unbearable.
I have been spending most of my time since then online, alone (in the company of several very good cats).
I wasn't even able to think clearly about what I was "supposed" to be doing in my daily practice.

My shrine is all still packed away. I have not unpacked, because I will only be here another 8 days.
It was late last night, or maybe this morning, between bouts of sleep, when I began feeling like I could think about resuming any kind of daily practice.

For now, I am going to be very easy on myself.
I will listen to and chant a few mantras.
I will re-read the precepts.
I will do my best to develope a kind mindset. I always try to be kind and helpful and generous.
That is why I never understand when I am attacked for doing exactly that, for being a good person.
It is HARD to persevere when doing all the right things gets you into more trouble than being "bad".

My return to India is back in my sights...hopefully then, I will feel the joy that inspired me to take all this on in the first place.

Om tare tuttare ture soha.