Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open Letter to President Obama and Sec of State Clinton

I urge ALL U.S. citizens as well as citizens of other western countries
to copy and re-post this letter which I sent via email to the
White House as well as the U.S. State Department this morning.

In addition, I encourage you to add your signature as a form of
petition and send it on to your local, state and national governments,
as well as local and national news media outlets.
I request that when you do, you leave a comment here telling me
when and where you directed it!
Thank you.

Mr. President: As a US citizen I am deeply concerned over the American policy and actions
regarding the human rights crisis with the Chinese occupation of Tibet. I arrived in McleodGanj, India, home of the Dalai Lama and the exiled
Tibetan government, at the end of November 2009 planning to stay one
month. Within days I started volunteering with a non-profit that offers free
English conversation, grammar and computer classes to refugees. By the end of my first week, I knew I had found my calling. I am now
residing here until mid-March, with plans to return later in 2010 for
an even longer period. Every day my new Tibetan friends, whom I consider family, tell me
stories of their suffering in China. Some were denied religious freedom,
others imprisoned for speaking out against China. Some were beaten
daily, tortured brutally for as long as fifteen years at the hands of the Chinese. Every one of them, as well as myself, is deeply disappointed at the failure
of the United States, UN and other western nations to take a stronger
stand on their behalf. Mr. President, I urge you to meet ASAP with H.H. the Dalai Lama. I urge you
to come meet the Tibetan refugees in person, to listen to their stories and see
how they struggle daily to survive while they wait in the hopes that one day
they will be able to reclaim their homeland. Tibetan culture has so much to teach the western world. I can promise you,
once you spend time with these wonderful beings, your life will never be the
same. I am appalled that US policy regarding this situation is based solely on trade
numbers with China. China exploits Tibet in the most horrible ways. Many
so-called Chinese products are made by forced labor in Tibet by Tibetans. My Tibetan students have asked me to convey one more message to you,
one they agree on strongly. Mr. President, Tibet is NOT part of China. China seized control of Tibet in
1959 by FORCE. They, and I, are deeply hurt at your statement to the contrary. I beg you, please reconsider your stance on Tibet. If you consider it our
responsibility to be in Iraq, or Afghanistan, then how can you NOT
consider it our responsibility to support and offer aide to Tibet? Please, earn your Nobel Peace Prize. Work for peace and a free Tibet! Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Ms. Tammy Winand US Citizen on behalf of the Tibetan refugee community in McleodGanj, India and the thousands of oppressed Tibetans unable to escape the Chinese occupation


  1. Nobel or no Nobel for Obama, it would be very difficult for the USA to declare Tibet a separate country when India does not do it even though it gives refugee status to Tibetans in India!!!

  2. I did not say I wanted them to currently declare Tibet a separate country, but rather to NOT publicly declare that it IS part of China.

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  5. "short term activist"...interesting term, since I am devoting the forseeable future to this work

    you are a person filled with hatred and sarcasm, Mr. Panfit
    You have filled my blog with negativity no matter what issue I post on, and yet you do not know me or my situation or what I am doing or for how long...

    the people I am helping happen to live on less than 3000 INR per month and do not have international sponsors of which more than half goes towards room rent...a room w/o a bath

    Have you ever been to McleodGanj? Have you ever looked at an 18 year old boy who was shot for holding a photo of the Dalai Lama?

    I expect not. You are much too cold of a person. I pray for you and those like you to find inner peace and love and compassion.