Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mappi Mumbai

I am here (under the A...zoom out for perspective)

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and you're not.

Happy Halloween from Mumbai.
It is an extraordinarily hot day, around 98F (33C ?).
I have been trying, obviously unsuccessfully, to nap.
I am still not over the jet lag, and my tummy is fussy.

We had lunch at a "street food" style (but higher quality, my host says) shop
called The Sweet People...items ate include panipuri,
samosa, bhelpuri (I didn't like the texture
of this one & let my host eat it), and bhajji.

After returning from lunch we both chose to nap out the rest of the afternoon!
Sunset begins around 15-30 minutes from now and I am pondering a walk in the
park beside the Arabian Sea, just around the other side of this apartment complex area.

Tomorrow the only plans I know of are lunch with host's grandmother and hopefully buy my
cell phone, which I was hoping to do today.
Monday I think we are going (by boat) to the family beach house at Awas, north of Mumbai.

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  1. thank you for this map... I was able to view it and look around and get a better idea of where you are in location to other areas.