Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Night in the States til...

This is last night in the USA til late March 2010 is finally here, and it STILL doesn't seem real.
Twelve hrs from now I'll be en route to the airport. Seventeen hrs from now I'll board the first leg of my journey.
Forty-seven hrs from now I'll be arriving in Mumbai.

I finished packing days ago. I've printed out all my train tickets, rechecked luggage, and packed away everything which is going back into storage here.
I've researched everything I can think of for my stay in Mumbai.
I can only "pray" that I get along better than expected with my old college friend there, whose emails and calls started as fun and frequent and over the weeks til now dwindled to barely a sentence in reply to my repeated queries.
I can only hope I am able to boldy face the strangeness and foreignness of a faraway land whose culture, traditions, food, even native language is not my own.

I am numb. I am not sure if I have remembered everything. I have been strangely unable to think, to focus on this adventure.
I am clearly in some form of denial...perhaps as a defense mechanism against panic.

At some point tomorrow I will probably break out in tears. I have been known to cry a lot while in flight.
But honestly, I have done all I can do as far as preparations.
Perhaps my atypical non-drama, this go around, is merely my own emotional evolution?
Whereas in past days I may have been in hysterics by this stage, tonight I am only tired and resigned.

Wednesday night I will land in the heat of Mumbai, meet a stranger I haven't seen since 1987, and embark on a part of my life I never expected to be facing.

My hope is to chronicle my experiences here on a weekly basis, as I explore bazaars, temples, and Indian trains.
Pray for me as you watch my journey unfold.


  1. thinking about you and hoping all is going well.. I look forward to checking in here to see how you are doing and what experiances you are having.. hoping for photos if possible. hugs

  2. Tammy,

    This is truly an incredible adventure for you and I too look forward to seeing your words, photos and experiences!

    You are a very courageous person and I am very envious of you in ways! I wish I were so brave to be traveling to India!

    I'm sure you will absorb each wonderous moment and journal each day, reporting weekly of the fantastic sights and people you will meet.

    My sincere best and Blessings to you! I so much look forward to seeing your posts here!