Thursday, October 8, 2009

India Itinerary

For those of you who have expressed interest/curiosity, here is my tentative itinerary for India (excluding specific dates).
I am traveling almost exclusively by train with the exception of Dharamsala which is only accessible by coach.

~Arrive Mumbai; staying with college friend
I'll spend 14 days in Mumbai

~train to Udaipur; lakeside guesthouse booked
spending 10 days

~train to Jaipur; couchsurf(.org) host arranged
spending 7 days

~train to Jaisalmer; couchsurf host arranged
spending 13 days

~train to Jodhpur; couchsurf host arranged
spending 5 days

~train to Delhi; couchsurf host arranged for all but 3 nights
spending 5 days

~train to Agra; guesthouse booked
spending 5 days

~train to Varanasi; guesthouse/cultural exchange booked
spending a full month

~return Delhi then on to Dharamsala (home of Dalai Lama)
spending a full month

~return to Mumbai for final 3 weeks
short trip Aurangabad/ Ellora and Ajanta Caves if finances permit

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